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Ice Harvester AssemblyWater Cooled Condensing Unit
IceSeaTM ice makers produce a continuous supply of fresh water crushed ice or salt water brine ice for your fish or drink box with up to 66% more energy efficiency than other ice makers. Why salt water brine ice? Salt water brine is the choice of professional fishermen and discriminating sport fishermen because salt water brine ice keeps fish fresher much longer than fresh water ice.
The unique two-piece (split System) design allows for flexibility in installation. Each Unit comes complete with the ice making assembly, air and/or water cooled condensing unit, electronic control panel, installation kit which includes 15' of delivery hose and insulation. IceSeaTM ice makers are single phase and are available in 115 Volt or 230 Volt. Chassis and enclosure for the ice making assemblies are made of marine grade stainless steel.
  • Salt or Fresh Water Ice Production.
  • Continuous crushed ice making process...no harvest time delays.
  • Up to 66% more energy efficient than ice cube models.
  • Up to 53% more energy efficient than other crushed ice models.
  • Split System allows auger to be remote mounted from condensing unit.
  • Heavy duty Stainless Steel Auger & Evaporator assembly.
  • Freezing chamber cleaning delay permits drive motor to start with no loads.
  • Electronic Control Board:
    • Electronic bin level control
    • Conductivity probe to determine if there is water in the reservoir
    • Current meter to measure the amp draw of the auger drive motor
View the IceSeaTM Specifications for more information.

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